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  • biodegradable

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DEMODÊ creates clothes that take care of your body and the environment, celebrating the culture of organic cotton and handmade Brazilian lace. we have our own designs because comfort is what drives us in every creation. we believe that sustainable fashion means considering all processes and taking care to create positive impacts in everything we do, from those who plant to those who buy what we produce. we are a Brazilian brand with the purpose of creating a connection between the production process and nature.

water conservation

used throughout our production, our cotton is grown without pesticides and can save up to 87.5% water compared to conventional processes. the "Colored Cotton of Paraíba", as it is known locally, is planted by small producers through the family farming system. these farmers receive the best price per kilo of cotton in Brazil.

zero waste

the remnants from our clothing production are donated to local women's cooperatives for the production of new home products using manual techniques such as crochet and patchwork. among rugs, eco bags, and placemats, these products are purchased by DEMODÊ and resold on our website.

in addition, we have the EU RECICLO seal, an initiative that provides resources for operations and the development of recycling cooperatives in Brazil, designed to address the final destination of packaging generated by companies and inform about ways to reduce plastic use in this regard.

certified cotton

our cotton receives the GOTS (in process) and ECOCERT seals. the latter, recognized worldwide, was created in 1991 by agronomists aware of the need to develop an agricultural model based on respect for the environment and to offer recognition to producers who choose this alternative.

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